ICESS Remote Access Information

If you are interested in being able to dial in to ICESS (we know you just can't get enough of this place - ever!) so that you can compute around the clock you will need to know the following:

Dialing in via the UCSB Campus modem pool:

        893 3000

You will need an account name and a password to use the following modem. Please contact ICESS System Administration concerning this information

Dialing in to the modem connected to an ICESS UNIX machine:

This is a 9600 baud modem.
        893 8194

For more information regarding modem pools, please check out this page from UCSB Communications Services.

Other remote access suggestions

Here are some more suggestions for gaining ICESS/Bren remote access. We do not support these services.
  1. Use a standard communications package (like procomm, or the hyperterminal in Win95), set for the proper baud rate, and N81 (no parity 8 data bits, 1 stop bit). You might experience some problem depending on what terminal you use and on how your modem is set up.
  2. Check out This is a dialup PPP service provided by commserv. You would be able to run multiple telnet sessions, FTP, any pop client for email (eudora for instance for email), and/or Xwindows packages (like Xwin32, although this is PAINFULLY slow unless you have ISDN), Netscape and so forth. The drawback is that this service will not allow you to browse off campus (i.e. you couldn't use netscape to find any web sites that are off campus).
  3. Check out and go to the "home-ip" button. You can register for a free account that will give you a username and password (providing validation) which will allow you to do the same as number 1 above, but it will ALSO let you browse the net off campus with Netscape. The drawback is that this is, excpet for the excelent help pages on their web, a TOTALLY unsupported service, and my go away AT ANY TIME. DO NOT email them for help. The service is provided on "borrowed" resources from Associated Students, and supported by volunteer time from a student. AS may at any time decide that this service is draining too much time from their server, and pull the plug on the whole thing.
  4. Check out . This has information on GTE Intelligent Net Services or some such. For o 15.95/month you can get unlimited access to the internet and an 800 number that you can use to access email and the internet when you are away from campus on travel to boot.