PC User General Information

The following information is intended for users of PCs. Most PC users at ICESS also make frequent use of the Unix platforms available here. Please read all the Unix web pages that may pertain to your dual platform usage.

ICESS is currently recommending the following pc platforms and software options. Note that if you do not purchase the hardware specified below, or consult with us prior to purchasing other hardware we may not be able to provide any service other than an internet ip address.


In order for computing equipment to be supported (we'll help you make it work) the following must be true:
  1. The CRM has approved your hardware or software purchase.
  2. The CRM has copies of your purchase requisition.
Recommended hardware: Supported software: Non-supported configurations:


Linux and Windows NT: How to Get Them to Work on the Same Machine

Note: This "How To" is based on "The Linux + Windows NT mini-HOWTO" by Bill Wohler. You don't have to read Wohler's "How To" before you start, but I recommend you do so.

    Prepare your computer for Linux installation

    Install Red Hat Linux

    Installing Windows NT

    NOTE: The format of this part of the "HOW TO" will differ from the above. Each section will be headed by the a topic dealing with Windows NT installation and followed by important information. NOTE: The above information should be enough for you to install Windows NT with LINUX on your machine. All other information concerning networking should be obtained from Darla or Ed at ICESS. P.S. Installing networking ablity on NT 4.0 is very much the same as on a Windows 95 machine. In fact the whole installation is pretty much the same so if you have problems with installing NT 4.0, refer to help1.txt. PLEASE ENABLE THE SCREEN SAVERS. And if possible, the screen saver should display the machine name.