ICESS Computing Policy

November 1996

1.      Sharing

	a) ICESS exists to foster interdisciplinary, collaborative,
	   computationally-intensive research in Earth system science.

	b) The ICESS computing environment is designed, implemented,
	   and maintained to maximize the use and synergy of shared

	c) To the maximum extent possible, all ICESS researchers are to
	   be provided with access to all ICESS computing resources.

2.      Exclusive Use

	a) The ICESS computing environment is almost entirely
	   extramurally funded.  Such funding often carries
	   restrictions on the use of computing equipment purchased
	   thereunder.  These restrictions may include limitations on
	   who may use the equipment, or how the equipment may be
	   used.  ICESS will honor these restrictions.

	b) Some computing equipment is intrinsically unshareable, such
	   as single-user workstations, or node-locked software.  ICESS
	   will accommodate such equipment.

3.      Proportionality

	a) The ICESS computing environment will from time to time
	   experience severe contention for the available computing
	   resources.  In cases where such contention does not resolve
	   itself, priorities for resource consumption must be
	   assigned.  These priorities, to be assigned by the Director
	   and enforced by the computing staff, will be based on the
	   extent to which the contending entities:

	    i)  have contributed to *shared* resources in the ICESS
	        computing environment; and

	    ii) face externally-imposed deadlines, judged critical
	        enough to warrant resource over-consumption.

	b) The ICESS computing environment will be designed and
	   managed to minimize contention for shared resources, by

	    i)  having in place a long-term plan for acquisition of new
		shared resources; and

	    ii) providing mechanism for maximum utilization of shared
		resources, including (but not limited to) expandable
		online storage systems, batch queueing facilities,

4.      Equipment acquisition

	a) A primary goal of ICESS is to provide a state-of-the-art
	   infrastucture for for Earth system science computing.  To
	   the maximum extent possible, this infrastructure shall be
	   supported from ICESS core funding, specifically by resources
	   obtained by the ICESS director from the University

	b) All ICESS PIs acknowledge an obligation to aggressively
	   pursue additional resources to augment the ICESS computing
	   infrastructure.  Specifically, all extramural proposals
	   placed through ICESS shall request:

	   i)  adequate funding for any special-purpose computing
	       demands they incur; and

	   ii) a reasonable amount to help maintain and extend the
	       shared computing infrastructure.

	c) Under the auspices of the ICESS Computing Committee, the
	   ICESS CRM shall promulgate and maintain a definition of the
	   "standard ICESS computing environment", specifically
	   enumerating such hardware, software, and services as ICESS
	   is prepared to support as part of its infrastructure.

	Any computing resources acquired by ICESS PIs that do not meet
	these specifications shall be ineligible for support by ICESS
	computing personnel, save on an as-available, fully-recharged
	basis.  Specific exemptions to this policy may be granted, for
	particular resources, by the ICESS Computing Committee.

5.      Acceptable Use

	a) The ICESS computing environment is owned and operated by the
	   University of California, a public institution.  As such,
	   the ICESS computing environment is subject to such usage
	   policies as may be promulgated by the State of California,
	   the University of California, and the UCSB Office of
	   Research.  ICESS will honor all such policies.

	b) ICESS will promulgate its own Acceptable Use Policy (AUP),
	   which will coordinate (but not supersede) any applicable
	   higher-level policies, plus any ICESS extensions and
	   clarifications, into a single document readily available to
	   all ICESS researchers.  Access to the ICESS computing
	   environment is contingent upon agreement to abide by the

6.      Resonsibility

	a) Access to the ICESS computing environment must be authorized
	   by an ICESS principal investigator (for research computing),
	   or by either the ICESS MSO or the ICESS CRM (for administrative
	   computing).  Those authorizing access are responsible for:

	   i)  ensuring that whomever they authorize is familiar with
	       the ICESS AUP; and

	   ii) informing the ICESS CRM immediately when such
	       authorization expires or is revoked.

	b) All anonymous access mechanisms (FTP, HTTP, etc.) must be
	   registered with, and subject to the control of, the ICESS CRM.

7.      Support

	a) The ICESS computing support staff is responsible for the
	   shared components of the ICESS computing environment.  They
	   are not required to provide support for any non-shared
	   equipment or resources.

	b) Where time and resources permit, the ICESS computing staff
	   may provide recharged support for non-shared equipment, or
	   recharged programming support, to individual PIs, at the PIs

	c) Should computing staff support be required by a research
	   group and ICESS computing staff is not available, the P.I.
	   may hire an outside consultant or other UC recharge
	   employee, if appropriate.  This must be coordinated with the