ICESS Disk Space Policy

February 2003

ICESS PI's pay for acquisition, installation, repair, deinstallation,
and disposal of individual disk drives without enclosures.  The ICESS
base budget pays for the infrastructure (enclosure, file server,
network, etc.) required to make the disk space available as an
NFS-mountable file system and Windows share (through Samba), for a
maximum of two (2) of a given PI's disk drives added in a given
fiscal year with no carryover.  The infrastructure cost of any
additional disk space is the responsibility of the PI.  Disk
infrastructure provided by the ICESS base budget is limited to the
space available in a single (6'-high x 19"-wide) equipment rack.  If
the ICESS base budget is insufficient to cover the costs of this
policy or if the space available in a single equipment rack is
inadequate, the matter will be referred to the ICESS Computing