ICESS UNIX Background Job Policy

Everyone using an ICESS account for long running non-interactive CPU intensive jobs MUST take care to "nice" their jobs down to NI = 19. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.

Start your job like this:

    /usr/bin/nice -19 bigjob &
or renice after the job has been started with:
    bigjob &
    ps -l                       # note the PID (process ID) of bigjob
    /usr/etc/renice +19 PID     # PID noted above becomes
                                # the last arg of renice
On the Alphas, substitute /usr/ucb/renice for /usr/etc/renice.

This will help ensure that background jobs do not unfairly steal CPU cycles that are needed to provide acceptable interactive response time.

The systems group will issue one warning upon discovery of the first violation of this policy. Upon discovery of the second violation, the account will be closed and the holder will have to visit the account administrator (Darla Sharp), in person, to demonstate an understanding and ability to comply with this policy before the account is reopened. Subsequent violations will be referred to the CRM and may result in permanent closure of the account.