New DNS - NIS Configuration:

As of July 28, 1999


DNS and NIS for most of ICESS is now servered from colossus-guardian. guardian in the primary, colossus the secondary. So as of today the following applies:


New Host - Now hosts.src is in g:/export/local/bind/etc.. You co -l just like before and make your changes. The new thing is if a host is going on the bren domain (128.111.100) use bren instead of crseo where you assign the IP number. After you're done editing, ci -u and make. This processes the files. To actually install the changes on both c and g do make install. If c is down you can install on guardian only with make linstall, then do a make rinstall when c comes back up. The eos hosts.src also needs to be updated as always but if it is a bren host it needs to be a crseo host in hosts.src with a cname added to /etc/named/bren.db by hand. If you edit the bren.db make sure to increment the serial number and do a /etc/named.reload.


New User - The NIS files are now in g:/var/yp/etc and passwd.real and auto.home are now passwd and auto_home. The best way to add users is to run the newuser script on eos, than copy and paste changes in eos:passwd.real and eos:auto.home to g:passwd and g:auto_home. Then cd /var/yp (don't cd ..) and make. The makefile generates some errors but it always seems to work. If c is down set NOPUSH = "TRUE" near the top of /var/yp/Makefile and it will only update the maps locally. Of course, when c comes back up you should reset NOPUSH = "" and remake.

Please see James with any questions, problems or comments.