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Procedure For Generating Networker Backup Server Tape Pool Recharges

  1. On the Networker server: cd /home/sparc-local/NetworkerRecharges
  2. mminfo -av >& mminfo.out
  3. networkerRecharges mminfo.out | grep UNKNOWN | sort -u > unknown
  4. If unknown is not empty, update the %owner table in networkerRecharges. Use RCS to check out networkerRecharges.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until unknown is empty.
  6. networkerRecharges mminfo.out | sort > tapes.raw
  7. > tapes.csv
  8. cp tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls, where YYMMDD of the first argument is the most recent available and the YYMMDD of the second argument is today's date.
  9. Open tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls (today's date) and tapes.csv in Excel.
  10. Copy the current values for utilization of tape pool and paste to from last spreadsheet utilization of tape pool.
  11. Paste size for CS201 from tapes.csv into the cell for CS201 in the current values for utilization of tape pool column.
  12. Clear the values for CS201 in the cost center and size columns of tapes.csv.
  13. Select the values (leave out the column headers) in the cost center and size columns of tapes.csv.
  14. Sort by cost center ascending.
  15. Copy the resulting non-blank values in the cost center and size columns of tapes.csv and paste them into the current cost center and utilization of tape pool columns in tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls below the row for CS201.
  16. Make sure any given row below CS201 in tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls refers to the same unique cost center. If a given row refers to two different cost centers, copy and paste values to higher-numbered rows until all rows refer to the same cost center. NOTE: do not select and move cell values. Doing so will invalidate formulas.
  17. Note the cost centers for which utilization did not increase. Copy those utilization values from the from last spreadsheet column to the current utilization column. This is necessary to prevent "re-recharging" a cost center for tapes when utilization decreases on a given recharge and then subsequently increases on a later recharge.
  18. Enter the total amount to be recharged into cell D1.
  19. Review all the values in the sheet to ensure they make sense.
  20. Save tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls.
  21. Discard the changes to tapes.csv.
  22. chmod 0444 tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls.
  23. Mail tapeRechargesYYMMDD.xls to the MSO and cc the CRM.
  24. Use RCS to check in networkerRecharges.

Last update: 12/03/04, EM