MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products

Users' Guide

Zhengming Wan

December 2013


This document is a living document that describes the MODIS Land Surface Temperature (LST) products. It is revised as progress is made in the development and assessment of the LST products. Described is the current state of the MODIS LST products. The purpose of the document is to give the potential user of LST products an understanding of the MODIS LST products and the data in those products.

In the early days, the MODIS LST products MOD11_L2, MOD11A1, and MOD11B1 had been validated at stage 1 with in situ measurements in more than 50 clear-sky cases in the temperature range of 263-331K and the column water vapor range of 0.4- 4cm, most of them presented in published papers (Wan et al., 2002 and 2004; Coll et al., 2005; Wan, 2006; Wan, 2008; Wan and Li, 2008). Detailed validation of the C6 MODIS LST product is given in the most recently published paper (Wan, 2014). Please use the C6 MODIS LST product in your applications because its quality is much better than the qualities of the C4.1 LST product (generated by the V4 algorithm from C5 input data) and C5 products (generated by the V5 algorithm from C5 input data).


  (you can download its pdf for C4 products)
  (or the pdf for C5 products)
  (or the pdf for C6 products)